Leonell EchaNovember 24, 2017

Where stars burn bright The moon is stripped of its pride Let the particles of the broken clouds shine Make joyous hearts easy to find While the moon traipses and dawdles in self-pity The galaxies conspired Who could foretell what could transpire? But we sat Our buttocks glued to the bench of patience Our hearts […]

Leonell EchaJuly 2, 2017

Little pieces of secrets Some dark, some not so dark and some white We collect them a piece at a time Like an addicted antique collector Piecing together a collection Little pieces of secrets Some of them ours Others others’ we are sworn to keep Piece by piece we pile them Like a refuse dump […]

Leonell EchaDecember 9, 2016

Standing where only I have been Where thoughts bloom green Where brisk giant strides lead backwards And slow gentle strides firmly planted lead forward I am in this place where no one has ever been Where I seem the only real being seen Where my thoughts yell “scoldingly” in my head And my tongue is […]

Leonell EchaOctober 28, 2016

Seduce us out of wisdom into folly Then laugh till you ache Watching, aloof, as our essence break Elated like the sun dancing on a wavy stream, jolly. Blinded by your smokescreen We became jubilant like a peer-pressured teen In our sedateness, we went to sleep on a bed Only to reveille on a coal, […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 6, 2016

My ways are retarded and my thoughts gay So pardon me to do this the unconventional way I have heard men speak and others bray Some do the job, while others envy the pay Patience I pray you, you’ll get what I mean to say Should a man seek to soar, should he not begin […]

Leonell EchaJuly 9, 2016

Honeyed tongue For your emptiness I longed A mere shiny stone Feigning itself a piece of gold Thence too many stories told So much for the water a basket holds Hollowness and loud noise You can’t separate those Loud mouthiness and lies Faithful husband and wife Unbreakable binds for life You can’t divorce those hard […]

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