Leonell EchaNovember 7, 2017

Julius by the corner of the classroom, I and you had brains that swept good grades like broom. Where has life kept your big heart? For reminiscent moons have actually splitter us apart. I’m somewhere in the world, finally home I think, with fading stories of us, loneliness pushing its brink. Dear Isabel, with a […]

Leonell EchaNovember 6, 2017

In so much noise , then came silence All dressed in cuteness and brilliance He was my best friend,in my heart But I was certain that we were worlds apart A perfect gentle man I felt he was So worthy of every heart pause. My crush wore a lab coat with an imaginary fur And […]

Leonell EchaNovember 3, 2017

18:45 Dear Maria, I’m probably going to die from thirst. This body is in drought The reservoir went out as tears This tongue is now a desert; arid. Bury me beside a sea. 19:46 Dear Mark, Maria will come running with a stream She thinks I’m going to die from thirst. It’s as serious as […]

Leonell EchaNovember 2, 2017

Crystal balls unfolding Layers of goodness Unsearchable riches Of the mercy seat In bundle of gifts of the spirit Loved unconditionally A heart full of joy Patiently receiving The kindness and goodness of God The year is still unfolding With rest on every side Bose =========================== The first day seems like the last. Watching everyday […]

Leonell EchaOctober 31, 2017

Halleluyah I’m here! Alive! Hail and hearty! Lively! Without worry! Lovely! Without a dot! Evolving! Loved and loving! Under pressure Yet abounding. All I do is sing Halleluyah is my song! Bose ================================ H eaven is quiet; a haven of silence A ging is many among one legal pass L ength of life is forgotten […]

Leonell EchaOctober 30, 2017

It all begins with a hunger A decision to feed longer And then you decide, of food, the type, Of ingredients, and fruits that are ripe. And then you shop for devices, Oops, i meant for spices, For an ensemble,one satisfactory, Not the outcome of putty. Cut, steam , simmer, cream Write, edit, rewrite,trim. Stir, […]

Leonell EchaOctober 27, 2017

I began my story with white laughter until you came with worries of the word. You taught me to speak so I’d say master. And say God grew into one from the third. I later found mirrors mimicking me alcohol aided my laughter and pain. Somehow I bought chains and cuffed what was free, and […]

Leonell EchaOctober 25, 2017

One stands alone Two build a home Three would exhaust a cologne Four is her quarter sized foam Five would ignite Six is abandoned to roam Seven is her jealous light Eight is a rainy day Nine is our cat sight. Every potter needs clay. A cranky wood needs spray. We learn to be stern […]

Leonell EchaOctober 24, 2017

Roses are red, some, that is true And we recite this poem without having a clue. Jack and Jill was story like no other And yes, they both also had a daughter. The two blackbirds sitting on the wall Were actually named Silas and Saul. Humpty Dumpty had a very large head That’s all that […]

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