Now or never

by this tide
by this time
time is done
time is gone
gone with ticks
gone with wind
wind of luck
wind of change
change that stays
change that leaves
leaves with bye
leaves without
without a tone
without a note
note of how
note of why
why he left
why he fled
fled above
fled from home
home is broken
home is torn
torn apart
torn to shreds
shreds of ashes
shreds of wind
wind of sweat
wind of cold
cold memories
cold hearts
hearts in doubt
hearts in debt
debt to self
debt to learning
learning the past
learning the rest
rest of fractions
rest of what’s left
left from lost
left from robbery
robbery of deeds
robbery of trials
trials to win
trails to failure
failure to learn
failure to repeat
repeat never
repeat now

Tomide Abdul

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