A thought crosses my mind every day,
How we are all created equal, but we judge people by their religion and race.
We are seen as a generation desensitized and full of ignorance, but who made us this way?
Definitely not our leaders because we are our own people. And our leaders to serve and protect but when last was a word of protection uttered? Or when have we ever been told that our struggles are not in vain?
I am a young adult unsure if I can get to be old because rather than being kept in safe corners, we are being washed off the surface like we are not meant to be here.
I want to live, I want to grow and have kids who are not scared they will get gunned down. Or prolly blame a stray bullet.
But our killers and protectors are wearing the same uniform.
I hope we are not cut short because God knows I just want to live.


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