What kindness will never say


With so much give and takes
And empty vessels and so much noise,
What is true will remain true
And that which is left will remain on its path.

Kindness knows no colour or creed
Neither does it speak entitlement and regret.
She wouldn’t remind you of the oceans she crossed
Nor the hello she said.

She wouldn’t tell all her friends what for you she has done,
Post it on the media- “social”
watch you beg
Or force you to smile

Kindness will never tell you a lie,
Belittle you even though she can,
Waste your time or your heart ,
Say that she made you
Or celebrate making you servant of her graces.

Kindness will never judge you in private or public,
Annoy you because it makes her laugh,
Ignore you to bag the stars.
Kindness is black and white,
Kindness will never say she hates you.


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