Pity City

Who likes a pity party?
Sometimes, sorrows dwells in a broken city
To snuff out the living lilies.
Life came at me with a thousand whips
I still do not know which side to sleep on
And every time I tell my tale
I get a hug and an empty sigh
Oh well! It must be raining hugs in heaven
That I am getting so little
Do you not see the holes on this wall?

Why become a pity party?
Mask your fears or risk losing your territory
Do not drown out your colours
Even when life comes at you with a thousand whips
Find the side that hurts less, and lay
And every time you tell your tale
It’s not for the hugs or empty promises
If the Chibok girls can be forgotten
There is only so much you can get
Are you the only wall with holes?


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