Review: “Ode to Fathers” by Rudolph Ruddapoet

A poem that shoots directly at Fathers; absent, dead, drunk, Father’s that stay a little bit longer than time permits them and Father’s to be.

The presence of a good Father does so much to affect the lives of Children. Very few people survive the mental trauma caused by not having a Father figure.
A drunk Father is as good as a dead Father.
Having a Father goes beyond just having a Father, a Father leads the path to a child’s future.
“If we eat of their fruits we become wayward”

At some point, he mentioned what read like a shot at the system of government in Africa, which is predominantly an “Oligarchy.”

Rudolph mentioned the significance of having a good Father figure by painting the words his Father would always say to him about being a Father to himself and to his Unborn Children.

A well dressed poem focused on undressing the lows of Fatherhood.

Victor Oyedele

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