Review: “Roofs Of War” By Emny Circuit

Emny circuit’s “ roof of war” is a piece rooted in the theme of war / civil unrest.
In his poem he uses words like “betrayal “ and the phrase “holding the snak’se tail” to tell his audience that he is at the disadvantaged side of the war. He also went further to paint a picture of the unpleasantness that comes with unrest such as gun shots, restlessness, sleeplessness, betrayal , tears and fear.

I will also add that his poem pinpoints faults to the “supposed “ neutral party; the government and the media who turn a blind eye to the most important things.

The accompanying music was well suited for the piece but at some point it was almost overshadowing.

As for the tempo of the narrative, there was close to no emotion accompanying it which was a major low in my opinion.


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