For Elise and Enemies

You will have to die to see.

For the hatred you harboured deep inside,
The ones you showed, the ones you hid,
I’ve seen beyond your fake kind hearted words,
I’ve seen the mechanics of hate,
And the unforgiving idol in you.

Over here, we understand wrath,
But hovering happy souls don’t battle,
When your soul transcends you will find,
That enmity is a waste of your time,
You will just have to die to see.

Your fathers hatred built him no castles,
He roams the pitiful streets here,
Your blueprints of ill wills lays at hells gate,
Where demons wipe their burning feet,
You will just have to die to understand.

Your enmity was what drove me,
To push beyond reach, to strive till eyes itched,
And even though I died at last,
My soul, from here, projects my every strain,
You will just have to die to see.


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