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What questions live here?
Is it the same as those there?
Are there those answers?

What answers don’t speak?
Why do men quit and go for
Whole, than half they ate?

Questions with answers
Live here with the rest of them.
Answers know humans.

All myth has answers,
You find what you seek. There are
Reasons they exist

How bout’ God’s brother?
Does he fill for his absence?
Does he listen too?

More to clouds than rain?
What’s more to sun, moon, than light?
Questions got answers?

Yes! He lives in us
His ears are a mystery.
Yes! He’s not busy

True! There is an eye
Behind the clouds. Also, place
Sacred with answers

Are roots just for ground?
Is the sun too their foreground?
Why must they first die?

Do stars get pregnant?
Why is darkness before light?
Is death a rare gift?

Roots are for humans
The sun to light their foreground
Death means born again.

Stars do multiply,
Sun buries herself to rise,
Death isn’t always rest

How about the clouds?
Are they brothers to the rain?
Or just guardians?

What’s with the big rocks?
Do they house their own weather
To send earth at will?

Yes, they’re their pillows
The supervisors of Earth
Some call them watchers

They are shields and views,
Guarding lands with their own eyes,
Yes! They’re friends with cold

Of what is the air?
Of what accord does she fly?
When does she travel?

From where – is water?
Of what current do they flow?
Where do they head to?

Of a messenger,
The carrier of the ground
She delivers time

Son of dear nature,
Lighten fears, lightning happy,
A journey to all.


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