Memories and Masquerades

I was once a clean man covered with light,
But from the truth I ran to find my might,
I plead! I plead! To have a say
Was granted my own unique day.
I then took advantage of my freedom,
I plead, to recruit more to my kingdom.

I started with the rib in the garden,
Threw her out from her crib back in Eden,
Savage! Savage! You’re all my prey,
Control your mind even you pray,
Lay you a bed when there’s no cause to sleep,
Savage, show you shallow signs where it’s deep.

Memories from the past still hunt my spree,
There’s sometimes no freedom in being free.
It’s me! It’s me! I’m one for blames,
I plead you continue your games,
Keep using me to perpetrate evil,
It’s cold in hell, and I am the devil.

Tomide Abdul

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