The Cold Is Gone


Enough about pain and pity,
There is music around
As well.

Dance with distance, come close quickly,
Let your laughter abound
And swell.

Let love litter in your letter,
Show me to gratitude
Once more

The cold is gone,lose the sweater
Love is an attitude
For sure.


Like cakes, you beautify hill tops
With your icing kits, smeared
In white

Your flakes bake smooth frost as it bops,
Quenching the hell that neared
The rite

The couple wrapped like gift in bed
Bond the heart desires

The coat on us and caps on head
The worth of burning fires


Open the curtains right away.
Feel the warmth of the sun
And melt.

For the cold that led souls astray,
And killed without a gun
Has left.

Go out and play on the park lawn.
No sweaters needed
This time.

If you wish, play until it’s dawn.
When you’re done, go to bed
No dime.


It’s February in the far north
It was once December
Cold fest

Men in bed would go back and forth,
Season to remember
For rest

This morning the pain creeps away
To shield self from the sun’s
Bad side.

With the sun comes the making hay
and getting all things done,
With pride.

Victor Oyedele

Like the sunshine on a cold day
You promised me warmth with
your heat.

Feels like when spring ends in mid May
I can finally breathe
and eat

Love has melted my once cold heart.
I’m ready to feel you,

Let me be the muse to your art
and when it’s time, I’ll be
youe bride.


I celebrate those frosty days
the days of thick sweaters
worn out.

I celebrate the warmth that stays
those with silent heaters
hot route.

I celebrate crooked tea ways,
boiled suns of the cheaters

I celebrate the cold gone rays
passing through the bleachers
Shy sprout.

Ruddapoet Rudolph

The sun came out to sit with us
Bringing warmth and damp light
And greed.

He asked me not to make a fuss.
He comes to get things right,

It is good that the cold is gone.
What has come may be worse,
I read

Just like the log you all sit on.
“I am here as a curse”
He said.




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