Poetry: What Love Suffers


I know that love too can suffer
From conditioned deceit and pain.
But I know of he , the great bluffer
Who it left mute and without brain.

I know that love too can suffer;
It had its fair share from our jane.
It broke her but made her tougher
And in return , it lost its name.

What we want is a mystery
Sacred secrets, mystic meaning.
Something new as old history,
In the eyes of newbies seeking.

What we want is a mystery,
A shoulder,but without leaning.
Happiness that helps misery,
A house where dirt will be cleaning.

It truly encompasses all;
A touch of mild humility
The patience that retrains pride’s fall-
Long suffering agility

It truly encompasses all;
Forbearance of futility,
It suffers to suit comforts hall
Love suffers for humility

A pinch of hair from Cupid’s bow.
will make love’s recipe complete.
Also drop seeds of care to sow,
when you caress her legs to eat.

A pinch of hair from Cupid’s bow
should strike the heart as its own treat.
Don’t let the cold to dry the dough,
for love will suffer when we greet.


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