Poetry: To A “Chained Swing”


Dear Winnie,
this is for the pain swinging your eyes like a bee.
I’m sorry for not always being around.
Especially when my toil is buried in the ground.
Please and please, don’t remember this.
Know this swing always left a scar I won’t miss.
The one right above your right eye,
hearing you cry was like I heard goodbye.
I’m sorry for playing so rough,
growing with you has always been tough.
If in the advent of this words
you feel like a thousand birds,
Then let the memory just fly.
My dear, please do not cry.
Do not cry about this page
especially when you remember the pain and the age.
Dear Winnie by the pool,
You can use glasses to pass the school.
I will be here with this picture,
erasing the deed and pain from nature.

Swing low, swing daily on
This is where her tears flow into a river,
where she runs from, from torments hum;
Swaying her to torture in crippling strums.

Swing slow, swing slowly on
Pray for rain
To wash the blemish,
But add to the stain
That this whites cherish.

Swing to, swing slowly fro
Bring me back to moments when trees
Mentioned my name,
And love was a million seas
Twirling one another without shame.

Swing so, swing soothing pain
Carry me carefully tender chain
You are my happiness!
A new freedom! Yes!

Swings swing
When pushed
Are forever

Hello there,
How ’bout we take a swing?
You and I swerving through
Mid air, smiling with hands that together cling.
There is room enough for us two.
Join me dear.

Worry naught,
For the surface is wet,i know.
Here, let me dry it-i got this.
You being cold is no threat,
I am here to heat you with a kiss
That’s quite wrought:

Hammered for you my love.
Come that we both shall swing peaceful as a dove

The day lost its savour,
When play lost her fun.
As the rain reigned on,
The swing swung to a stop.
I watched from the little shelter,
How rain rushed down from rooftops
and back to earth where it came from.
The breeze grew cold,
Colder than I was told.
My swing became alone,
So was its clone.
They were not moved by the wind,
The hailstorm tickled them-
To a loud metallic laughter.
I smiled to the rhythm of their joy,
Singing; “rain, rain please take the next train!
Go and on a play-less day return!”

Emny Circuit.
It was on this swing my whole life changed.
This was before this story was paged.
I will assume I can remember
The pain that rained on this amber.

He was that kid that was never wrong,
And I was the one that was never strong.
Central park would remember the words he said,
But I will never forget the price I paid.

Two idiots met at a point of return,
Being untrue while they sojourn.
Something else they became,
And nothing is left to remember my name.

Now you see, this swing did change my life.
This swing smeared his life.
Our swing started our lives.


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