Poetry: Goodbye!


A smiling face
Fronting a saddened heart.
We bade our goodbyes.

Nights lose their grace
Where these footpaths part.
The hurt of broken ties.

Days run at a slowed pace
Like a horse pulling an overloaded cart.
Even hellos have their price.

Running alone cannot be a race,
Being together was such a beautiful art.
But that was before the goodbyes.

That moment when we waved our goodbyes
Our fingers became wipers,
Wiping the tears in the face of the distance between us.
That moment when we waved our goodbyes

Then came the rain, pouring down again
In drips, it dropped
It stationed like a train
It showered for hours and never stopped

The leaves had gathered, the flowers watered
They all cleaned up
Their petals flattered
Before the stream of heaven closed up.

The rainbow came, and did the same
Parading her color wheel
It colored the sky from whence it came
Before descending downhill.

So came the rain, pouring down again
Unwavering, stationed like a train.
Seeking enough courage to
Be a stranger just passing through.

Danladi was just a gate man
He knew stories
that blew as breeze.
One of it was the death of Anne.

He never spoke of sticks and stones
but always laughed
and knew the draft.
He always healed my broken bones.

This faithful day, we heard a cry
We feared the night,
and locked out sight.
Danladi left with no goodbye.

At one dawn behind the old house
we found a corpse
so worse than warps.
It was our Anne, I saw the blouse.

Face to face we stood,
Hoping time will do us good.
Cracks widened into valleys,
Soon its corners formed alleys.

We are moving unto tomorrow!
Magical moments we borrow,
Transitioning into a cold dimension.
Sadness rolling like a ball of tension.

Separation is a mountain of pain.
Don’t let it win, lest the distance gain.
Waters part but meet again,
Fill not our promises with vain.

I’ll hold my breath and keep a score,
This grounds shall lick my tears no more,
Done with despair, the stakes are high.
Longing for some good to come by.

I’ll lock my heart
With keys of love
Tie its bones to dart
Away from hate, on wings of dove.

I’ll uncage my past
From the chest of my memory
Sail his touch to mines for blast
Beneath the shines of emery.

I’ll unlock the good in bye
Pour its rains on this earth
Once filled with pains, scared to try
Forgiveness and its worth.

The rainbow has bade the rains
Of flood and aghast chains.
The sun has brought joy here
From thick darkness over there.

I hate the wave of hands
I hate the dim of eyes
All those little things
That mean goodbye

I hate the blowing of kisses
I hate the certainty of glancing back
And all these little things
That ring of goodbye

I hate the blinding tears
I hate the weak smile
The lost looks
The fallen shoulder
The sniff
The mouthing of
I love you
And all the many things
That could mean


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