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train of thoughts

Building up the rail tracks for any piece
requires apt interconnectedness
of ideas sequenced with the inner peace
that defines a real poet’s doggedness.
Such be the sequence: read and peruse through
both published and unpublished material(s)
In writing, ensure the words are yours and true.
That which is yours,is yours quite imperial

Comprehension must be the guiding tool
if the reader must catch your train of thought
‘shey you know say some of us no like school?’
I think some writers are the kings of tort
John would have written an elaborate book
Oh, he would have ‘taled’ on how their words hurt.
The simple knowledge of a single look
…keeps that train of thought as simple as possible.

Noel Obinna is a graduate of the department of Building at the University of Jos. He’s a spoken word artiste and songwriter who takes up reading and writing as a hobby. He started writing in 2015 and currently resides in Jos.
Insta: smartnoel24
Twitter: brodamanSnizel
F.B: Noel Obinna
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