Poetry: Before you love me…| Noel Obinna

Hey there, how is your moaning going?
Tis explicitly good, I suppose?
Your turning eyes say you are coming
Surely that is the greater purpose.
Hold on, before you arrive, know this;
Though I keep thrusting(trusting) to bring you bliss
Tis my wish you know this life’s scene;
Its drama is not at all wholly
Expressed, it is one you’ve not seen
Of course it is by no means holy
But it is as close to good as good come(s)
So therefore, please before you love me
endeavour to heart how this sheet runs
I writhe for the bliss I alone see
with joy scribbling ’bout pressing pains
on the template that honesty reins
draws comfort from her well of hope
endeavour to shelf to heart this scope…
read me please- that you may understand;
for this quiet relationship to stand
you must see me in all my innocence
the good,bad and ugly- ‘all make sense’

I promise now to always be by your side
drowning in the churning sea of thoughts
with your heart as a place to reside
learning from the salient lessons taught
by the greatest teacher of all-life.
before you love me,do take your time
for a love misplaced cuts like a knife
I’d hate to fuel your tearful chime(s).


Noel Obinna is a graduate of the department of Building at the University of Jos. He’s a spoken word artiste and songwriter who takes up reading and writing as a hobby. He started writing in 2015 and currently resides in Jos.
Insta: smartnoel24
Twitter: brodamanSnizel
F.B: Noel Obinna
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