Poetry: Stirred Waters


There is an uproar rising in my soul
First an itch, then a twitch, and tears trickled

Angry stares tripped away my sanity
I felt a switch coming down, and welts trickled

I am water and oil, the hardest mix
First a tear, then a stitch, and pain trickled

Neighbors gathered, yet their pleas were unheard
A shrill pitch followed screams, and words trickled

Vera’s mind was made to see in blurred lines
A patch, a face, and memories trickled.

The frustrated frame let go of the wall
Her shattered glass lay with faces long

The pictures stared back, scared to be questioned,
Recalling memories of places wrong

If i pick and pack, or ignore like that,
Then another could fill these spaces hung

Terrible moments and heated torrents
Have put their words inside these places song

Cold tempers were Leon’s heat buried deep,
The kind that assures many graces strong.

Cold became the sour tongue of me
leafing the wrath thoughts sung for free.

Should my Purple Heart find a note
I’d dare it to be wrong and spree.

Let this music sing and tickle
Inside the strings that hung to see

I will paint with colors of you
If you find a way long fore’ plea.

But know I’m from a family
I’m white, like the song to be

In order reproached water,
Less bother troubled water.

More as it isn’t.
Stone cold mother, sad water.

In craved memories.
Stir in order drained water.

Light up the darkest.
Stir sadder troubled water.

Paulyn dehydrates.
Quench further my thirst, water.

Lady,lady breath in the air
Walk gingerly,let your hair air

Steer and stir heartbeats and eyes
In motion;let mane mare air

Taste the soup,add some juice
Enjoy meats with big flare,air

Dance a new type of twirl
Rock beating hearts to dare air

Jaydaf whatever is to be enjoyed
Begins with or without fair air

Jennifer Dafwat

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