Poetry: Love at First Fight

One more word and she was wan
Two minutes is all it took, the tension grew
Three burns then three kisses, obeying love’s decree
Four full moons, these bruises must score
Five fingers folded into a fist, we fought for love’s live
Six pants and six sighs, there’s nothing a French kiss cannot fix
Seven means perfection, yet it is not even
Eight ticks and tocks of the clock till we decide this fight to freight
Nine at night it was a different fight where salivas turn into wine
Ten fingers interlocked by love, as for the fight, that was then.

13 was how old she was. It was tough wooing a teen
14 times she threw tantrums. She was skilled at cooking a scene.
30 wasn’t a right age. The right age gave up at pre…
16 was grown-up on a line where love and like were thin
3 reasons were all i needed and the lock found its key.
One fight was the proverbial love nudge that led us on.
40 years later, the story was told by me
’12++’ was the book title strangled on the shelf.

Nine times you swore you’re mine
Eight Ex’s still cry ‘your lie is an unbearable weight’
Seven years ago, I would have believed you speak of heaven
Six guys trapped my soul with this same jinx
Five really tried but only Dick could drive
Four years now, my love has refused to pour
Three times now stranger, like a bird on a tree
Two blows you’ve aimed but what can I do
One day I will fight but for now, come, bring your sun!



One,two or three times I will gun
Two boxes of my love into,
Three,just to see
Five ways to make you Strive
Six feet above your anger to mix
Nine happy moments with the first fight we had,that made you mine.

=Bang wan.


One day I pledged allegiance till dawn
Two times, he held my innocent blue
Three bags bought me a fee
Four tickets for a honey tour
Five entourage to pamper my drive
Six pills to wake up from this dream that inflicts
Seven potions rode me to love haven
Eight angels offered roses at the gate
Nine ways he kissed and sipped my wine
Ten rides he caught me in his den
Eleven lovers on the boat wasn’t even
Twenty-one singles played whilst caressing Fun.

Rachel Charles


Seventeen i wandered on love’s screen
Nineteen i met what should have been,
Twenty i was drunk with cupid’s tea
Twenty one he sang in bourdon
Twenty two i was blue with love’s hue
Twenty three i await our very own family tree

Omolola Onigbinde


One was the path that laid to have fun,
two people met like they were meant to
3 minutes later their love seeds built a tree
Five seconds ago feelings would want to thrive
Four with seedlings of two for a tour.
6 wasn’t just the number in the girl’s disc
Seven years younger was perfection from heaven
9 times he dreamt with her to be fine
Eight times his heart drummed love, it wasn’t late.


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