Happy Birthday Oluwaseun Emmanuel Okunlola

Grey dust twirling around shadows.
In a moment of calmness.
First breath inhaled
Umbilical cord broken.
Thrust out from the womb.
An organised disorganized partner.
Unleashing the earth’s glory in your creation.
A little lot of truth.
Kings and knights adorn your day.
Queens and maidens taking room,  bowing at your feet.
Buddy,  if moments and memories could be on halt.
This day will last a lifetime.
And your tender cry will be heard all over again.
And you’ll be cuddled up like the child you are.
A self’s selfless frame.
Imaginary true,  like the petals bloom.
Late nights mixed with over desired effect of self.
Your words add up like basic arithmetic.
Even though it fell in place like  A B C.
A panther whose hunger hasn’t surpassed his thirst for passion.
For today more shall be added and more will be removed.
More love,  more lavish,  more grace,  more laughter.
Removed hurt, sets back,  and self doubt.
Happy Birthday.  Hypermind
Dear Seun,
For you today i say this prayer :
Suffer strong
Fear not the idea to do wrong
Keep promises with your heart not your tongue
Let love sing to you one Solomon’s song.
You cannot save a nation, but you may enable a town
Go before kings not to bow, but to be worn the crown.
The water below your neck will all your sorrows drown.
Know happiness as a giver sometimes receives a frown.
Fall in love.
Fall out-
Hope should look the same.
Let kindness be both a signature and an enduring name. Leon
A kindred spirit of the poetic bloodline
Whose lines skip with life and intense vigour
Entreating the eyes and ears to daily epiphany
To words created and morphed with intelligence.
A Potter of words and no clay
Words woven pristine with no dirt interspersed,
A sweet smelling incense, indestructible,
When tested with fire and the burning issues of time.
Rebel poet with words carved in lead
Piercing through the metal shield of defiance.
Giants will crumble, demons would be silenced
Chains will be broken at the stroke of your pen.
I stood afar to watch this pretty soul who came along in a boat.
His words pierced the down trodden
Magnificent man in Shepherd skin.
I heard you found a love
Tell us the story when the ring is worn
I witnessed the times of battles
You fought valiantly like a soldier you are,amidst trials you raised head above waters.
The precious stone, I could call Emerald.
Your thoughts seemingly harm less, your words echo for the voiceless.
See Nature celebrating your mature state
Woe to stings that held us in our shells
Woe to foes who gave up the flaws
Keep on lifting your head above troubled waters
Keep on keeping on. –
Rachel Charles
Today we write for comrades
I raise my pen in salute
For he whose words are mighty
Casting wisdom in fools
Today i write for a fellow poet
I raise my voice in cheers
For those who make writing peacefully sweet
Laying a red carpet of rhymes.
Today we dance the dance of bards
For those whose ink bleed truth
My tongue rhymes to the sound of your name
Hurray! To a merry bright soul.
This is for the appreciation of creativity.
For the gift of words, for its nativity.
I bow to the call of birth
The rebirth of gods, the songs of an enchanted mortal.
I venerate words at your feet
you who are fit to summon while you sit
You whose metaphors never pour
whose simile always smile.
I am most honored to tranquil suitable words
hymns of glory, lyric of pure honor to say a few words.
I wish you more right arm than Samson and nonchalance to grief like Sunset.
Let the wake bring news of greatness
Let the words of my being bring joy to your name. – Ruddapoet
The third eye
Your heart, sometimes worn on your sleeve
Seeing what a bunch others may not
Random so sensibly
Stay true, stay real, stay you
Reenact the jump for joy when you first cried
Have a good one for us all..
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  • Celina

    January 10, 2017 at 1:45 am

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thhgout of that!


  • Oluwaseun

    February 27, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Guys, to my shame I must confess to only just seeing this. I had planned to leave no social media footprint that day. Your sweet words are the lifting of a tired soul today. Priceless will be this memory and invaluable the ties that make us friends.


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