Dear Rachel Charles…

Rachel Charles

It was some eventful day in December.
Harmattan was actively stirring.
We were used to expecting a child in December.
What we didn’t bargain for was two for one.
This bundle of joy brought down to earth
And placed before our door.

She rode in like Santa on the tides of December.
And since her riding, things have not been the same.
Like the Harmattans film of dust.
Ubiquitous in its thrust.
She leaves her imprint wherever she goes.
Quiet, unstated beauty beyond pencil art.
Unrivaled and comely, she’s that one amongst the pack.
Beyond proportions, good form or blessed rack.
She has it all, all the check marks.
She has divine heart.
As the center and the heart of all we are looking at.

P.s. God help the trifling young man that rolls up to ask her hand.
He must have good survival skills
to stand the obliteration he just had.
Obliteration is a past tense.
It is foregone. Can’t be helped.
How does wood go amongst flames and expect to come out whole?
How does moth presume on candle flame and expect to still have wings?
Or chin chin confront slam champs and expect to remain whole?
So, young man, the doom upon you by the wonder in your eye.
Will burn up dross
Help, your teeth, floss.
And lift you off the floor
Into gentleman’s door. -Seun
Beauty chose these eyes of mine
To see it in yours
Ravishingly figured
Tender, sweetly soft on the inside
Cherished by poetry and poets alike
Heights you’ve reached, incomparable to midgets
Educated, you form allies and in formally
Laughs like an innocent baby rose.
Quite an impression you made firstly,
Loud cry of joy
First note of a sweet song

Perfect package
Beautiful soul wrapped in a perfect body

Big bowl of love
Overflowing with words

Thorny stem
Holding a bright rose bloom

Age, the awesome nanny
She nurses despite fears and cares
Towards wishes, dreams and, ultimately, fulfilment.
Today, she witnesses you take another step

Light the cake
Pour out the wine
Play loud the music
Our hearts are eager to pour out. Tee2emm
Pretty Fairy
Amazing gypsy
Lovely non loner
Powerful mind
Eloquent and sophisticated enough to be amazing.
Light up candles
Be the spark and brighten up other lives.
You deserve more and beyond love..
Happiest birthday Luv. Hypermind
Go shorty
It’s your birthday
We are gonna pour words tonight
Cause it’s your day

The curve of your eyes looks bolder
The lines un your poems stronger
This marks the age of progression
That’s why words stands in procession
I even heard them thunder an aplause
Cause they know you deserve it

Mother of words
Diva of rhymes
No! This is not much
It is not everyday a gem gets born
Ray cheers to the light
Galaxies fight for your touch

Yes! i can be a handful
I may not write a page full
But my heart is full of love for you.-Vera
Knives measured their skill
with my soft beating heart
wherever they were molded from
the blacksmith’s name will do no good
especially in these warm stories
seated by the fire.
Take for example a beautiful one
Twenty one times it shed its hair
and leave each strand on my lip
so I stitch a showel of smile with it.
And for a sun day it’s a rainbow of Rachel.
The talking drums have begun conversations
and initiated our hearts to dance,
for you my dear I have barbed my hair of worry.
Know that I have sent a shooting star for you
make wishes or poems anyone, just do.
To a damsel I first saw in a moonlight. – Ruddapoet
Cast off shadows of former doubts
Walk into a new dawn
For today you start afresh, New horizons beckon you
Star, Queen, Angel of hearts

I remember the night you brought me a Sun
It still shines, you must know
still brightens pathways
That others like me may not stumble
May not slip into darkness

Your gentleness
reminded me that our blood is strong!
Stay happy!
Our prayers are forever with you!
Happy Birthday Rachael.
Glow girl,

You’re a river’s unending flow
Floating letters and words hitherto
Unknown to those who don’t follow

Today announces your birth again
To make you in our minds remain
Like the note of a Lyre’s refrain

Many traverse bearing gifts; giving, given
This Poet hides behind words,not a wrap even
My excuse? A place not to fall alseep is one heaving.

Your words don’t sever, they tie
Their choices,clever,they poke like a spy
Your mind is a book and a good read for the eye

When time waves her aging wand
Ignore the wrinkle on your hand
With words we revive each withering gland

To those birthdays you’re yet to meet
To dear friends who only call to eat
May good days like daylight become a good repeat.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!-Leon
Before the day runs out
I hope today you didn’t pout
And that you enjoyed every minute of it
Smiling from ear to ear, beyond your teeth
I hope that today you remembered
How much less it mattered
Weather your days were numbered
I hope you can say
That today you are not in dismay
And you are happy in every way
I hope that life looks you in the eye
And love you to heights
You most certainly don’t deserve
I hope happiness nests in your chest
For today and the rest
Because you are simply the best


When you lay in your thoughts
Recall your worth
Your continuous physical presence
Preserved by love you cannot buy
Your golden talent of stringing words On hearts and breathing life to lines

When you lay in your thoughts
Bask in self love and care of those who hold you in their hearts
With ease your life shall be a golden Path others walk on for guidance
Happy birthday wide eyed chu.-Omolola


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