Twist of Fate!

Surrounded by his friends
Laughter thundered, chest heaved
Excitement, stress relieved
Moments of joy

Family at his aid
Lunch was never delayed
No cause to be dismayed
A jolly ride

Snap! Snap! Snap! Scenes have changed
Click! Click! Boom! Hands in chains
Ratatata! Blown brains
A twist of fate!

He was crafted from start
to be prince and noble.
Those potters are humble
It’s in their blood.

He traveled in his page
through time and space, through words.
He cut through life with swords.
Says history.

From the start, they knew it
He was born, so his twin
One would loose, one would win.
Which one was me? – Ruddapoet
So stupid the judge was-
To sentence his angry half,
Forgetting the last laugh
Was his to frown.

The wounded bride entered,
Sunk in her bruised ego.
With no will to let go,
She frees freedom.

The church pews were tired.
The cobwebs looked so fed.
Coins stolen by the led
Were web’s to curb. Leon
Back to the beginning
When stories had a tail
And any tale could sail.
Fate told cruel jokes…

We walked the same road
And had the same class,
But never shared a glass.
Oh, what a shame!

Watch out for the climax,
It’s the crux of the game
Cause we now share a name.
Who would have thought?
When did I say to love?
Did you mistake my guts
For that Virginia’s cuts
When was I sad?

Do understand my plight
I , not the green on grass
My fine face turned to brass
Three in trees time.

You may think I cut bars
Really raising false hopes
The altar can give popes
I care less,wench. -Rachel Charles
Born with words from within
Crawling with,but can’t say
It’s a good price to pay
Weapon of life.

Putting life in pencil
Breaking up light from shade
Blending paints,solving fade
Ended in law.

Made from the beginning
Not to be a servant
This Was made with no rant
It’s genetic. – Bang1
It was midsummer’s eve.
Raindrops were hammer strokes.
No jawing with the blokes.
Not e’en phone call.

Descent into dark realms
Where he keeps himself shut
Was the easy shortcut
And welcome home.

So, into nether parts
His hungry soul descends.
And for this once fate bends.
Hope rises. Dawn! -Seun
It takes two to tango
Life takes wrong and right
Wrongs are flaws we must fight
For light lived life

Prince’s blood, peasant’s hands
Execution of chance
When fate sings we must dance
Drab or glamour

Wish and will what you will
All is fate’s to/not deal
To maim or choose to heal
She mother’s all. Tee2emm


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