Price Of A Jewel!


Rubies sapphires
Lets brighten up your attire
Could be a carat more or less
Either rough or cut
Between heart and baguette
Or maybe emerald and radiant
Lemme be your princess cut diamond
Deep and ideal
Piercing like hearts and arrows
Deep into your pavilion depth
And asymmetrically be your symmetric finishing
Could be smooth and stained
Effortlessly less afforded effort can’t attain it
Racing like a splash of rainbow
Intense tint glowing over a million bucks
Am a 14 carat black marquise diamond
Don’t think you can afford it. Hypermind
The price of a jewel in any currency would read a lot of zeros.
The price of a jewel has claimed the lives of a lot of heroes.

A hero may be required to ditch a bad habit.
A jewel prides itself on dwelling in the dark hole of a rabbit.

A lot of money may guarantee
But character is usually the warranty
One, two few prices to pay
For a jewel that’s worth the say

Tell me sir, how much is my soul worth?
How much, this heart that beats for freedom?

If you speak of cost, of price,
Then I do not know the word!
Do not know its meaning
Creed or country!

If you sing of worth, of value
then my tongue is tied, my limbs numb.
but you can hear my heart cheer!
see my Spirit leap!

Tell me, good sir,
How much, this child of hope?
this poem of love?
This note of Seraphic symphony?

Sorry sir!
Like Silvia, stars glitter too.
Like eternity, time passes through.
So you may not buy, nor shall I trade…
This beating heart, this bird so free!
– OracLe
Jewels are not measured in coins and notes
They may be valuable in a wise man’s quote
But paraded in streets with glasses unfit…
Jewels are better covered without a slit.

Jewels are not measured in coins and notes
Galveston was to Texas a promising stone
Jewels are not measured by the size of the coats
Some stones build better standing alone.

Jewels are not measured in coins and notes
Show me the gem that dares stay afloat
But deep in the ugly bottom that steals
A Jewel’s beauty never loses its feel.

Jewels are measured in coins and notes
They adorn the body to make beauty the coats
They speak in the silence of envious eyes
Jewels alone know their worth and price. – Leon
When you could not see the stars
I wore the moon costume
To let you sway my mars
I wrote heavily
Basking in your abode.

Calculating you in a limited sight
Can only be little to what I cite
Diamonds or sapphire
You weigh more than I require
I can’t quantify your price
But am ready to live in the hut
With waters of streaming guts

A journey I walk upon
The day has come
When I caress your carry
Convey your worry
I don’t even know how to put this in words
Wanna rest my head on your word
Give you a lap dance
Clock tock pock cock
Till we tap dance

Oh Jewel of the Nile
Do I look familiar
Hush! Don’t answer
Let lips levy longer
Your breath I quench
Smush my stench

Build a city round my loins
There is a tattoo waiting for your touch
My weakness is you
The simpleton view

Where am I heading
What direction am I tilting
Let me be free
Act like I got no fee
Spend the bills
Till I feed my feel.

Jewel of the Nile
Do I look familiar?
Hush! Don’t answer. – Rachel Charles
Heavy they weigh on the scale
Against the weightiness of the coins;
Inestimable they appear in sizes.
From the deepest part of the earth
Shielded from corruption they spring.
Their sights to be seen in the hands of men
Not faint or feeble at heart.

Inestimable they are made
Created not out of dust
But from the finished products
From the sinews and flesh of the
Modern man that denied taking
The Darwinian’s path to completion.
The price of a Jewel is paid in the
Highest currency of valour and devotion.

I would have bought time
and held the sun for you.
Today we would have been stars
but we didn’t bargain night.

I found an emerald that looked like you
it glittered with exquisite preciousness.
It spoke of diamonds and lead me here
to see your imperfections in the midst of an apple.

I had money to have bought you my heart
for I didn’t own one whenever I looked at the mirror.
Here laid the note from life and it style
I had to own more to meet the jewel price. – Rudolph
Price of a jewel
The glint in his eyes
The clarity of his gaze
Is a fountain of bliss
All the satisfaction i need.

Two tiny feets
Two little fist
Touched my heart the most
My most priceless piece

I could go anywhere
I could have anything
But it would never feel the same
As the wrap of his fingers on mine

I may have my regrets
I may deal with distress
But there’ll never be a tag
To this little guy.-Vera
In and out of death’s claws
Sucking in an unseen force
The treasure some seek to tame
It’s not buried deep in the rocks
The sahara does not own it

It sits all around earth
An invisible jewel
Sitted deep in the lungs of man
Lack of it is the presence of death
Free for all

Cause it was bought with a bloody price!-Omolola
Cheap to view.
Expensive to own-DIAMOND-Bang1
These Jewels I’d cherish once gotten.- Hijab Gurl


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