An Eye Of Luna!


my little
icicle of purity
holds the liquid taste
of me in your veins. Should
I be stabbed in this sequence,
will you fight back your tears
for me? This ground moulded as
body holds no room to crack open
so you see the core of my feelings.
Oh you eye of Luna, do not turn
silent on me, write your feelings,
let the ocean roar for me again.
Tell the path of my reflection,
mention my tongue that soars.
I am a desperate metaphor
of poems shading myself
in a beautiful figure
of tears, buried
In your white

– Rudolph
see a dance
of a million feet.
Tears trickling down
the Luna cheek. This sea
sees enough water fleas
But hides behind smiles
in similes’ look-alike. The
thoughts of an insane pupil’s
wish. Your truth is why the pupil
itches. The brow shades like an
umbrella. The lashes from the rain’s
coming. Blink, squeeze, listen to the
grief you see. Drop a tear and grow
an entire tree. The earth owes a favour
The dark calls a neighbour. Lunar
knows too much secrets. She spreads
her stare like a blanket. Covering
tracks of cold feelings.
With the tickle of one eye. The
giggle breaks the jaw. When two
is a little. With the Luna one is more.
This sea of water fleas. See
my ease…-Leon
A fragment
Of this life
Half yet full
Half in light
The other part
Crawls in the dark

All the déjà vus
And the touchés
Makes it very hard
To tell what the truth is.
A twin of two souls
Like a letter on opposite
Sides of a lengthy scroll
Meet they will
But hardly
Will they see.

Twin souls
Lost in
Cold. Tee2emm

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