These Countries!


Land of angles
A fruit eating bird with a small head
David Cameron
A conservative leader
Gordon Brown
A leader from the Labour party
Pigeons walk upon the face of England
Like the free birds they are
May God throw open it’s gates so more birds can be as free as the pigeons.– Hybrid
Coined from Dzimba-hwe meaning venerated houses
Humming songs to be free
Robert Gabriel Mugabe
Rebellious for a good cause
Canaan Banana
Methodist in rulling
A fight diverged a state from its state
Ghosted like a crying baby who is fallen asleep
As the first fight to be free so shall deeper peace find you. Hypermind
Land of great rivers
Stallion of Africa
Bringing forth steel of man power
President Muhammadu Buhari
Some say a tyrannic saviour
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
Some say the luck was in the name
A government of weevils
Old as owls and just as evil
56 draggy years
Abuja,the oasis in the midst of dessert
Pray the weevils dry to death…forever, Amen.-Omolola
In God we trust
Birthing forth ideas to save the world
Barrack Obama
First Democratic black leader who broke gay and Gomorrah barriers
George Walker Bush
11/11 didn’t define your office terms
Bullets left marks on terrorist faces
As much as pen and paper consoles pages
240 years eureka moments
Washington. DC Giants
God bless them with Hilarious Rule. – Rachel Charles
Tranquil port
Ocean Quahog
the oldest and unheard animal except that it’s present and is under the water.
Marcelo Rebeló de Sousa
An old pen
Aníbal Cavaco Silva
An unpopular white owl
Lord of the kingdoms who used it’s crown to test the power of the sun and it melted.
Like the oldest tortoise seeking new contact lens.
106 a hiccup from the middle ages
May your prayers romance God’s ears so he quickly makes the bridge that leads to your room. – Rudolph

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