If A Poet Were President.


If a poet were ever president
He would bear Nara and Leopold
His skin would be dark like heart of evil

He would fist with words so belligerent
He would light nature up, brighten her old
Teach the people to love in ways civil

Build houses for poverty until rich
Recite in rhythm the pledge they don’t preach

Write the constitution a love poem
Plant Songs from the Shadow in his proem.

But he would flirt, skirts will spell his harem
Too many heads to bear his diadem

She would share, write the weight on her pelvis
Fend the little to pull a loud increase.

If a poet were ever president
She would bear Leopold and Nara

She would abandon every word to act
Poet’s are humans first, that is a fact. – Leon

If she was president oh lemme see.
Words will rule in cyphers and metaphors.
Twisted and twirled in between B and C.
Just like a program caught in one function.

If a poet was president she’ll be
Words slipping into minds opening doors.
She’d be splashing colour flow like the sea.
Like a piece bidden in highest auction.

But what if, only what if it’s a He.
Possibilities and clear temptations.

He’d be an operator, with reasons.
Ruling in verses and little stanzas.
Like a ring he will just be a ringer
Emotionally unstable seasons.

If a poet was president he’ll be
Ruling and focus, be called Lionel.
If a poet was president she’d be
Appealing and taming, called lioness. Hypermind

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  • Tee2emm

    August 12, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Great job guys


  • Leonell Echa

    August 13, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Thank You, Tee


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