My L-O-V-E

House owner
Home maker
Humble speaker
Quick forgiver
Gentle lover
Honey maker
Surrogate mother
Strong believer
Tight hugger
Calm sleeper
Early riser
A friend forever
My Love. – Leon
These and more
My love!- Vera
Storm calmer
Bliss builder
Blues chaser
Midnight crooner
Dreams driver
Team player
My manager
Rubble rouser
Mood slayer
Skilled trickster
Plans changer
Nature pieced her
My love.- Tee2emm
Girl teaser
Booty squeezer
Lip sucker
Thumb licker
Game lover
Hottie hunter
Heart breaker
Smooth talker
Hell raiser
Womb shifter
Corner cutter
The sneaky viper
My love.-Hybrid
Friend maker
Food buyer
Hand holder
Rough Rider
Smooth smoocher
Tongue waddler
Toes clinger
Range driver
Finger interlocker
Grace smiler
Sexy admirer
Divine soul carrier
My love- Rachel Charles
Life saver
Cheer giver
Life inspirer
Smile bringer
Heart bender
Heart mender
Doubt destroyer
Joy giver
Praying partner
Great listener
Soul lover
Source of laughter
My love– Sonia 
Beau nigger
Sensual trigger
Intimate stranger
Feelings arranger
Happiness archer
Romance charger
Body hugger
Heart manager
Heartbreak avenger
Heart charminger
Soul encourager
We wax stronger
My love.- Omolola
Good – listener
Care – giver
Emotion – ranger
Food – lover
Makeup – wrecker
Sport – player
Life – changer
Children – admirer
Poetry – writer
Sunnah – follower
Spontaneous – explorer
In Jannah forever
My love. –  Hijab gurl
Sheet – stainer
Night – strainer
Beat – maker
Poem – reader
Sad – riddler
Spot – owner
Soft – fondler
Mood – pretender
Jealous – crawler
Joy – dinner
Love – writer
I’m no lover
My love – Rudolph
Halima Meyer
A dampener
Soul dimmer
Chores hater
Gold digger
Club stripper
Chain smoker
Worse listener
Heart butcher
Hurt broiler
Emotion launderer
Still love her
My love. – Bamvy
Bangwan’s mother
Granny’s daughter
Uncle’s sister
Food giver
Saraba bringer
Daddy’s helper
Battle fighter
Hunger killer
Guest entertainer
True believer
Best Adviser
My dream planner
My love. Bangwan
Soul fixer
Mind reader
Thoughts evolver
Sadness breaker
Heart owner
Mood changer
Smile bringer
Strength whisperer
Rhythm giver
Match maker
Eternity crusher
Day after forever
My love.  Hypermind
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