An Ode To A Wounded Soldier
O,wilderness survivor,
Trees bowed down to his decision,green grass respected his tremble and made the way for him.
His only grace was his weapon
He had to cock-cock,pull pull through enemy’s rip off.
Tents became mansions,bamboo sticks was rationed as a bed still.
To serve Nigeria with all strength was his painful desire.-Rachel Charles
On the face of the sand he walks,
He hate to sight frowning
So to firearm he sent a friend request through words
Accepted,the gun likes how he talks
As blood socks the battle field,and his boots drowning
kept that face smiling,with no swords. –Bangwan
Pieces of themselves
They thought they’d lost    
By the lives they had taken 
The need to find a way back to themselves    
Pick up the parts that they’d lost
And live for the living and the taken. -Hybrid
Let your soul feed on these words
every syllabus a balm to your wounds
We celebrate your strength 
the stars sing of your faith
Soldier of country, God and poetry
fight on for love, for family.-OracLe
Woe unto us if we fall in this battle. 
A battle fought in unity strength and faith. 
Green camouflage, painted faces not idle. 
A rifle to keep us away from our tents. 
A promise keeps us alive, so we come back. 
To kiss those same aching hearts we kissed bye.  Hypermind
We burnt the nights in our sleep,
While you watch the moon traipse to sleep as the vigil you keep.
Your unattended wounds, the huge price paid,
So the nation could sleep safe.
For all the thank yous never said,
I pray this ode is not too late. ~Tee2emm
To the one who heeded dreams and heard the scream
outlanders pursuit in a room catered by metals.
Pain is furthermore,
its future is a cologne of death; so long.
To vision you lost, the darkness of this sort
I write to you today, for the memories of attended boots, marching crowns – Rudolph
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