Strike at Idols

Let me carve you upon the sea…
Let me sing of your beauty, Joy. – Oracle
Prudence,  privilege seeks to enamor or swoon over… 
Emotions kaleidoscope- Leon
Am not a good man
But am doing Ma best to be for you Hypermind- Northpriest
Your words made this frozen heart flip-flop,
God or man, Tom?- Vera
In between hills and valleys we played words of us. 
Holding every piece of you close to my breasteses, Rudolph and North priest- Hypermind
Hybrid of minds carved not out of wet clay                                                 
But steel of nerves striking at the idols. –Desmond.
Malvina: On your shrine I devotion timelessly
Athena, piqued, coaxes the Oracle to declare war with you- Anre
My feeble fragile fingers fumbling for a hold
But it is all eel-like, tell me where to pitch my tent, dear Vera – Tee2emm

Oracle to you my worship i render, before her pulchritude swept me off
She’s a deity; an idol i will always adore-I call her Joy- Bangwan

Hypermind! Ouch, the long last taste of your name has made my feeble mind pale
Now it’s time against the one thing you have submerged in the gowns of your zep- Rudolph
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